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Thread: I finally bought a Kasina

  1. Default I finally bought a Kasina

    Yes off ebay for $180 usd & it looks to be in good condition

    I should have it in about a week - quite excited

    My old proteus finally spat the dummy a couple of weeks back. It did manage to flick back to life a couple of times after a shake but its kaput.

    It was over 10 years old too.

    I am looking at building a hackEEG system which is 32 channels & should be quite inexpensive - only just found out today that mind workstation has become neglected

    Thats a shame but I will still buy an EEG copy if I can afford it soon - its the best software by a large margin but I guess its not a profitable business model

    Just prior to my proteus dying I used it daily in a tent on a mountain in Queenstown for 3 weeks - It was fantastic

  2. Default Re: I finally bought a Kasina


    Well I recharged it until the battery indicator is green

    Heres the only problem - this sucker will not turn on unless the usb power is plugged in. Prior to recharge it would start from battery power - now it will not

    I can pull the plug out & it keeps running just fine so I have run 2 sessions off the sd card

    It just will not turn on from battery power after recharge

    *** OK interesting I just did a firmware screen boot then turned it off - now presto it starts without usb power

    All then is fine but I will upgrade the firmware anyway next

    **** um not so fast - seems this is now intermittent if I start on battery power straight after a firmware boot it does start wihout the cable but 5 minutes later will not

    So I am leaving it to charge a bit longer on green - then I will try a firmware update

    ******Yep I may have a dud - contacting support

    I upgraded the firmware no problem but it still will not start without the usb plugged in - sucks


    OK its gone from full charge to zero bars with one hours use so it must be needing a new battery

    I want support to tell me how old it is from the SN. I can resolder the battery. Hopefully this will fix it. It does seem odd that it only starts once every time without the cable but devices can behave strangely with an old battery. The bars still indicate a full or partial charge when it wont start too.


    This tale has ended badly. Plugged it in again today and its dead even on USB. Briefly flashed "Battery is flat" message and its dead - kaput

    Moral of the story is Do not buy a USED kasina on Ebay ever - if it says refurbished that means its been damaged & was in for repair

    Anybody can sell it when its close to battery change then you will be stung another $100 usd & have the inconvenience plus the warranty is non-transferable

    My options now - buy a new machine next week & probably send this one in to get fixed then resell it
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    Update: happy with the device & use it almost daily

    Will get the fancy ganz goggles soon

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    Default Re: I finally bought a Kasina

    I'm glad the story has a happy ending!

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