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    I suffer tinnitus for two years. I downloaded the session Kasina for tinnitus. I have fallen into a deep state of relaxation and I've loved the songs of whales. But my tinnitus remains the same. Any recommendation for use Kasina to relieve Tinnitus? .

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    There was some discussion about Tinnitus a few years ago. Some of the information here might help.

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    Something I have found helpful for my particular case, is training my ear to hear lower volumes... i do this by watching TV just below the threshhold where i have to relax my ears to hear it.. if I strain or "try" and hear it, i cant make out all the words, but if I relax my ears, neck, and jaw, I am able to make out the sound more... this seems to have a direct effect on the volume of the ringing... (mine is a very mild case, so your mileage may vary)

    Through meditation, I have developed an increased awareness of my senses, which allows me to get all in the subtle energetic structure of the body and flip certain muscular "switches" on or off... With the ringing, I do this by becoming more and more aware of the ringing, and if I really feel into it, I can relax that which is causing the ringing... I can hear a few different frequencies, and some respond easier than others...

    try meditating on the sound of the ringing... the deeper into it you go, the more triggers youll find within your awareness of hearing (ie points you can consciously let go of)... learning to relax these triggers can help immensely.

    But again, this is what works for me... But it cant hurt trying, no?


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    As has been observed, relaxation can do wonders, but over the years my tinnitus has just progressively worsened. It is variable with time of day and with environmental noise. One thing I have found that stops it almost completely for periods of time is high-energy semi-random clicking sounds - notably those formed by a program I wrote years ago, BrainForm. There's copies of it floating around and I'll be happy to send you a copy if you would like to try it. It was an experimental, weird and unsupported program that may or may not run on Windows PCs post XP. I am currently rewriting it in Java so that it will run on pretty much anything - watch this space. BrainForm wasn't written for tinnitus but was found to have the fortuitous effect of relief for some hours or even days after use. The original purpose was to provide a highly dissociative experience - certainly achieved. Most who have used it have found the sounds quite unpleasant, but in my experience pleasant sounds have little to do with effectiveness in any area of AVS.


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    Thanks You , I will trie it .

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    Hi there i found some great therapy for those who are suffering from this tinnitus check about the therapy i hope you will cure by this;

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    Where is the program for tinnitus? I have it also!
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