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Thread: General Question about mind machines of yesterday...

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    Hey guys, so years ago when I bought my proteus, it was the top of the line mind machine, with the orion as the other available option... (these both had the big LEDs, and the orion came with amber lights i believe)..

    I notice my Kasina has some sirius sessions, im just wondering where in the line of products the sirius fit in? I saw it mentioned in a vid and it had white lights, with the new LED style (as opposed to the nearly centimeter long LEDs of my old proteus)

    Im just curious when the orion was discontinued, when the sirius was released, and when you switched from the old big style LED's to the new flatter style?

    Im just looking at my Kasina, and thinking about how far things have come since my old proteus!

    This is purely for curiosity as I have been using mindplace products for probably 10 years now..

    What a ride it has been!

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    There is a whole timeline of the Synetic Systems/MindPlace history on our Facebook page. Sirius was our starter machine at the time. One color (white) but with a basic Color Organ and an external mic for live beat tracking. It was like $99. You couldn't add or edit sessions but I like it and still use it for some things.

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    Thanks scott, checked out the facebook page...thats what I was looking for

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    Greetings! We replaced the old, 'bulb' style 5 mm LEDs with compact 3 mm LEDs in around 2003, then replaced those with surface mount (SMT) LEDs for all models when the Procyon appeared, late 2006. The LEDs in the earlier models, though 'broad beamed' by technical standards, were still more point-like than the SMT replacements, which emit a 140 degree wide broad-beam of light.

    We replaced the Orion with the Sirius in the early 2000's, in part to bring the colorbox design into the new 'Vasarely' op-art series design. Sessions were slightly re-designed, amber LED lightframes replaced with white, and other than that the models are virtually identical. The various models of monocolor LightFrames and GanzFrames are interchangeable across models, as well...

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