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Thread: Kasina Glasses improvement

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    Default Kasina Glasses improvement

    I was not satisfied by the colors I saw with the Kasina and also the Procyon Glasses (they did not really show one clear color but seperate colors of the leds ) .So I took the material from one of these cheap round balllike chinese led lamps ( its about 3 millimeters thick flexible gumlike and milkywhite) I cut two pieces out to put them over the lights in the glasses with about one millimeter air between the leds and the covers.(Ah and this might be important the lamp I took them from was round like a ball so the pieces I cut are somewhat like lences and bundle the light to the highest point which slightly touches the eylid when wearing the glasses.
    And wow this simple thing did wonders the effect is really drastic . Now I can see really clearly the colers (with closed eyes as if they where open) .And as a bonus the feeling is much more soothing and pleasant .

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    >>cheap round balllike chinese led lamps ( its about 3 millimeters thick flexible gumlike and milkywhite)...<<

    Very interesting Esthy.

    Can you add some images for us to see what you have done? I am in China (well Hong Kong) and not sure what Chinese led lamps you are referring to. Certainly beats my white handkerchief approach.

    Best regards.
    Richard, Hong Kong
    richardhk dot com

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    Default Re: Kasina Glasses improvement

    What I meant is that these lamps are made in china not that they are traditional chinese lamps.
    Have a look here: or
    I guess I used this ones cause they also came in three its just important that the material is flexible you can push them in and they do not
    break if they fall.
    Here in Switzerland you can buy them in electronic , light or giftshops.
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    Ping pong balls cut down, and plastic milk carton containers trimmed up work nicely too.

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    Lionheart Guest

    Default Re: Kasina Glasses improvement

    I just received my Kasina on Saturday. I also own the Laxman Light Sound Machine. I don't like the heaviness/bulkiness of the Laxman Goggles. But I do like the visuals.

    Is there going to be a comparable Kasina Goggle in the future? I always enjoyed the patterns/Mandelas that the Laxman produced. Possibly this is due to the programs instead of the Goggles. Most of the Sessions I have done with the Kasina have been found in the Mind Art area.

    I am a Moderator over at the where we have a huge thread on AVS machines. It was named the Laxman thread in the past, but now has the Kasina and my first impressions of the Kasina there.

    My personal Thank You to the creators of the Kasina and this Forum in general. You have done a fantastic job with this machine. It is easy to use, has great Sessions and is very "State of the Art". I put a link to this Forum to help the many members interested in AVS over at the Astral pulse to be able to find more information and also join in your conversations here.

    Thanks again!
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    Default Re: Kasina Glasses improvement

    Hello Lionheart and welcome!

    Thank you for your kind words. It's a labour of love for the people that work at MindPlace and the customers that frequent the forums.

    I know that MindPlace is always working on new products, and I believe that some new Ganzframes are in the pipeline. No details as yet, but certainly there's been a lot of interest in eyes-open Lightframes as well as diffused Lightframes like the Laxman uses.

    Keep checking back for more news, and while you're here, enjoy the great articles, threads and blogs that have been written about AVS.


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    Default Re: Kasina Glasses improvement

    Hi Lionheart,
    Welcome to the MindPlace forum! I am a long time reader of Astral Pulse. It is a very lively and interesting site. Thank you for highlighting the Kasina there. I will come over and offer help to your users. Of course, you and your readers are most welcome at this forum too.

    Glasses like you request are in development and we are receiving our second set of prototypes from the factory next week. So the 'how' stage of the design process is advancing. No estimate on 'when' for the public yet though. It is at the top of our list for product releases suffice it to say.

    BTW, the prototypes I have... the open eye visuals on the Kasina are awesome!

    Thank you for introducing the Kasina to your readers and if we can be of any help please let us know!

    Best regards,
    If you know something I don't, speak up! If maybe I know something you don't, ask away!

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    Default Re: Kasina Glasses improvement

    Hi Scott
    Is it possible to test one of these prototypes cause I'm wondering if the effect is as stunning as with the material I used?

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    Default Re: Kasina Glasses improvement

    No, they are only available to internal staff and only as a test platform... Really I'm just trying to give people updates so you know that we are working on it, to fend off questions. Of course if you offered us a million bucks then that is different! JK

    In the meantime a simple handkerchief or white cloth over the LEDs does a fairly good job for open eyes.

    Thanks for your interest,
    If you know something I don't, speak up! If maybe I know something you don't, ask away!

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    Default Re: Kasina Glasses improvement

    I like the whole idea of other choices in GanzFrames.

    Since the subject was brought up I owned a Laxman and returned it after what I thought were defective pre programmed sessions with weird clicks, pops, and other noises. I'm guessing this was with all Laxmans because I sent it to Germany (1 month ship time) and they sent it back the same and said it was fixed. I paid double ($700.00) what I paid for my Kasina and you know what ? I already know that the Kasina performs leaps and bounds ahead and I've only been able to access some limited relaxation sessions in their entirety do to a temporarily full schedule. I have checked out several others and am exited to try them.

    The more I used the Laxman open eye GanzFrames the more they annoyed me especially when I just wanted to relax. I felt the frames were ineffective when used closed eye.

    Try to keep this in mind when using a mind place product, I purchased a Procyon several years ago at the same time I purchased a Laxman and I still own and use the Procyon regularly, I've never had one problem with it, I love the GanzFrames, I enjoy closed eye GanzFrames the most and find the Procyon has more than adequate brightness and intensity when needed.

    I just got my Kasina but I know I'm in for the same experience with it and it's a great feeling. Programming the Procyon has been all kinds of fun and there's so much left. I can't wait to get into the Kasina more.

    For me it's simple, I have no complaints, I love the equipment, the software is easy to use, the support is amazing, the experience is ongoing and that's an unbeatable package. I'd rather wait for great equipment than have possibly mediocre equipment with possible bugs and I think that's what's going on here, Mindplace has flawless performing equipment, in my opinion.

    Maybe people who explore their minds are more critical of everything in general, I know I tend to be, and therefore they're always expecting something more. In my case my Procyon and my Kasina are everything I need them to be and more and I love to program and I love to explore.

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