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Thread: List of Kasina Sessions?

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    In previous models that mind place has developed you usually have a session list that contains various info about the sessions.
    I have not seen a list yet on the site, in the manual or on the forum yet.

    Could you post a list of the sessions, like the lists that were available for the procyon and proteus. I own both of those models and I just ordered the Kasina and I would like a similar breakdown of the sessions along with the various frequencies etc. So far I was rather disapointed by the lack of information in the manual online.

    Could someone upload the appropriate list?

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    Default Re: List of Kasina Sessions?

    The new manual that I uploaded today has a list of the included SpectraStrobe sessions.
    Scott or Craig could probably come up with a list for the other sessions that are included on the SD card.

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    Hi Aethyria,

    All of the sessions on the SD card are listed in the back of the new manual, and more information (and sessions) will be forthcoming as required.

    The authors of most of the sessions are right here - ask away!

    Apart from the "functional" sessions, those with names that tell what they do, the other sessions are "complex" which is to say that frequency structure isn't necessarily meaningful in the way it has been in traditional session designs. The functional sessions follow "best practice" sequences - much like anyone else's sessions of similar names (except for SpectraStrobe!).


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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy View Post
    The new manual that I uploaded today has a list of the included SpectraStrobe sessions.
    Scott or Craig could probably come up with a list for the other sessions that are included on the SD card.

    Thank you for updating the manual!
    The Sessions look very interesting on paper. I look forward to trying them out when my Kasina arrives.
    I also wanted to say thanks for adding the color organ function that was something I wanted to see in the next model you put out.

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    Default Re: List of Kasina Sessions?

    Concerning my sessions, their structure is closer to that of say the pRoshi device or the Procyon MindBrite OS (which may still be released someday) in that they are 'broadband' stimulus within a desirable target range. Most people can quite naturally respond to Alpha stimulation as a baseline. However, the key alpha frequency of each individual is a bit different and even that changes from day to day, session to session. So, it is quite beneficial to expose a range of frequencies within the target band in a non-linear manner. This is more characteristic of an actual EEG response.

    Because of the lack of limitations with SpectraStrobe encoding compared to past systems, I was able to produce very interesting stimuli in a thematic way. So each session has a key range of frequencies and then using the principles of harmonics (whole number ratios) I would introduce 'ramps' and 'jumps' in frequency... often doubling and halving the frequency to move within different ranges before return to the baseline.

    It is closer to how a symphony is composed with motifs, overtures, modulations, and movements.. Maybe the difference is best understood by comparing a metronome to a drum line. At the same time the music was kept relatively sparse with a strong drone as the primary element with 'twinkles' and decorations on the top. These are sources of interest and variety on the stable base.

    Anyway, these are ideas I have had for a long time but never the technology to pursue them with freedom. To be honest, we are building on the findings of the past but pushing ahead as the models improve.

    Your feedback is key to telling us how successful we are, as this is only the first round in a continuing set of evolved sessions.
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