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Thread: Which session for hypnosis?

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    Arrow Which session for hypnosis?

    Sun 15 Dec 2013, 9:37 pm

    Hi ForumMates!

    Newbie here. Nice to meetchoo. Just got my Procyon. I am sure this is a standard question, but it might be worthwhile raising again. Either already loaded on the Procyon, or available for download, what are the best sessions to use while listening to hypnosis recordings? I assume something theta-heavy, no?

    Thanks for any suggestions.


    Khon Kaen, Thailand

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    Default Re: Which session for hypnosis?

    Hello and Welcome to the world of AVS!

    Here's some info on the forum about AVS and hypnosis until someone pipes in with some suggested Procyon sessions for you...

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    For self hypnosis, a cluster of sessions you might try is:
    Creative Visualization 10 as the warmup/step down... it does have a ramp up at the end though, so a bit of customization would optimize it.
    Night Voyage 15 The core hypnosis section
    Quick Work Break Resurfacing... in this section you could as mix in Mind Art sessions like Fast Trip or Symbol Spaces, which would help to engage your conscious mind while the sub conscious elements are being processed.

    That's 40 minutes or so.

    You can expand the mid hypnosis section to a longer length by choosing different variations of the Night Voyage sessions. And once you get used to entering trance in the mid sections then you can jump right into them for a shorter session. BTW, the night voyage sessions are mostly low Theta, so deep trance or you could fall asleep. You could substitute Meditative Mind for instance for a lighter trance.

    The deep trance sessions would be used with affirmation recordings for instance. Or if you plan to practice self talk or autosuggestion then the light trance sessions would be better.

    Hypnosis often has distinct stages of intro/induction, trancework, return.. this is why I like clusters of sessions.

    Custom designed is usually best though. It is ideal to reserve the sessions you choose only for use in self-hypnosis.
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