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Thread: Proteus with old OS

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    Default Proteus with old OS

    Hi Guys!
    I have an old Proteus with version 1.2 firmware.
    The new Ganzframes I just got (white) have got me back into the groove so to speak....BIG improvement over the bulky old ones with the pokey-outey LEDS!
    As for my OLD Proteus.......Can it's firmware be updated to a newer version?
    If so which one?
    Are ALL the Proteus' the same except for firmware?
    Also- I do not have the cable.....but I do have an old PC with a serial port and windows XP.
    I also have a newer PC running Windows 7 and a USB-SERIAL converter.
    Which route should I go with?

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    Default Re: Proteus with old OS

    Hello and Welcome!

    That is a REALLY old Proteus if it has version 1.2 on it!
    However, there should be no problem updating it to the latest version (3.2).
    You can order either an DB9 to 3.5mm cable like the one that would have shipped with your Proteus. The product is no longer listed on the web site, but you can just contact Mindplace (Click on "Contact" and select Orders or Quotes).
    Or you can get the USB to 3.5mm cable so you can use it with any computer.

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    Default Re: Proteus with old OS

    Thanks Andy- I was hoping you'd say that.
    I'll let you know how I get along.

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