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    Hi :-) I just received my thoughtstream usb and I tried it out for 45 minutes or so experimenting with different techniques on trying to relax or rather to lower my relaxation score. The only thing I have found to work is not to move many of my muscles as that makes the graph jump up. I have tried different mental techniques, such as imagining stress leaving me, using open focus technique, where you imagine the empty space between things, paying attention to my senses, but nothing seems to be working to lower the relaxation score (i probably need a better word for that hehe) Don't get me wrong I feel great after my session but its a little weird to learn that none of the techniques I thought I knew to relax actually help me relax, and the apparent most effective way to relax is just to not to do anything and let my body relax on its own. Maybe I don't understand the process correctly tough, any comments would be good :-) What are your techniques to relax or lower stress or whatever?

    Gracias, Cody

    P.S. I usually have pretty sweaty palms could this be affecting the results?

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    Hello and welcome!

    Have you tried setting the sensitivity (top dial) to a higher setting?

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    Hmm, I think the sensitivity is all the way up, its the dial that does not change the volume on the top right? I mean its helping me get plenty relaxed, under the Cond. I get to about .75uS after about 10 minutes or so, i feel like im about to fall asleep, I stay there for a minute or 2 then i start to slowly rise again. I just thought it was weird my mind has no seemingly concious control over it, or rather my thoughts dont affect it, what makes it go down for me is just keeping my body still and just kinda letting it happen on its own. :-) Thanks for your reply,

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    Hi Cody,

    It could be that you are not relaxing. :-) Try deep breathing, that usually gets the body to relax a bit more. When you are "trying" to do something, that will arouse your mind instead of calm it. Biofeedback is not instantaneous and it takes practice and training. The biofeedback part is the feedback giving you results or your lack of results - which is still a result. Try putting the machine on while you watch a show that is relaxing (not the sound part) and notice the meter changing. Try listening to some music you like and notice the meter changing.

    I hope this helps.

    Marisa Broughton, MCHT, MNLP
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