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    I use the sensor on my left palm,if I have my fingers slightly cupped (not clinched) it seems like it takes for every to get away from the solid red.If I straighten one or two fingers I move partially into the orange a third finger may even take me to green but will return to orange.It then will move on as a successful session progresses.Is this normal,should I be starting the session with finger position more open,I am confused over this as the slightly cupped position seems the most comfortable.

    Another thought,would pain or discomfort slow the progess of getting out of the red,in my case TMJ pain of jaw and tongue?


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    Hi Dick,
    I have found that if you are getting a huge jump in values when you are moving your fingers then you can lessen this by tightening the strap somewhat. Before you really start your session, put on the sensor and let the setup values be read by the Thoughtstream to calibrate, then push down on the sensor and tighten the strap until you get as little change as possible. Once your adjustment is made turn off the Thoughtstream and turn it back on to recalibrate your current state with the new strap tension.

    There will always be some change with movement but using this technique you can diminish it quite a bit.

    Also, don't worry too much about changes upon movement as you will quickly settle back down to a setting close to where you were before when the movement stops.

    On the experience of pain affecting your reading, I would say yes, that the discomfort would slow the pace of change in the display. But this is what you are trying to learn it seems, to relax and overcome the discomfort. So stick with it! I would think that a condition like TMJ could benefit greatly by increased relaxation.

    Have you ever tried self hypnosis or guided hypnosis to help you to disassociate from your pain?

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    Thanks for the info Scott,,,,I believe I can tell a difference in handling the discomfort or at least being able to deal with it better in a calm manner LOL. No I have never tried hypnosis but did think about it after reading the manual about exercises.


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    iv found i get great reading from my ankle
    but i do alot of bearfooting so my feet are more like hands

    any ideas on waterproofing the sensors for floation tank use ?

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    The senor readings would be wrong due to the conductivity of water should they come in contact with water (or your skin where the sensors are).

    You would have to completely seal the area with something like a wetsuit, I would think...

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