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Thread: What is "MindBrite"?

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    Default What is "MindBrite"?

    After updating my Procyon editor to 2.3.00, I notice that there is a little something called "MindBrite Setup" under the utilities menu.

    I've tried to see what this does but cannot reach an answer. What is MindBrite? Has my dream of having a color organ player come true? Will this be like a three-color AudioStrobe?


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    Hi, Scott--

    Looks like that feature leaked into a release unitentionally. We'll soon be posting 'mindbrite' to this forum--it's an alternative OS which has no sound and plays only one session, with parameters determined by the settings on that control panel. Basically, frequencies vary randomly within a specified range, one flash per frequency - something like a digital campfire, in color. Drop me an email and I can send you a copy ahead of posting, if you'd like... robert at

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    What happened with Mindbrite?

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    MindBrite is a bit of an orphan... as I mentioned earlier, it produces a pseudorandom sampling of frequencies within a range you can specify, like 9-12 or 13-22 Hz. It is a variation of Tom Budzynski's "brain brightening" protocol, and I was enthusiastic to send him the first sample of a procyon with this firmware installed. It arrived the day after his unexpected and sudden death, which put the dampers on further development.

    Scott created an alternative interface for it, which works for both Mac and Windows. I've uploaded both versions plus the instructions for the version included with Procyon Editor to dropbox; both versions function the same way. Have fun with it!

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    @Robert, Is it possible to create a MindBrite for Kasina?

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    Hi, Neel-- there is a sort of MindBrite for Kasina but the customer and developer sell it at a higher price to therapists... so we won't be releasing this ourselves. The version for Procyon works quite well, though. :-)


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