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    Hi, I've been researching the various MindPlace options and am very keen on getting my first machine, either the Sirius or Proteus. From what I gather, unlike the Proteus, the Sirius does not actually generate binaural beats itself, is this right? However, if I listen to an Audiostrobe encoded CD with binaural beats through the Sirius will the binaurals come through the headphones properly? Also does the Audiostrobe decoder on the Sirius decode the brightness intensity of the LEDs, or is it a simple "on/off" decoder? I'm guessing this is what is meant by the Proteus' "Enhanced Audiostrobe" circuitry, i.e. it can handle LED brightness, not just on/off? Thanks...

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    Well, I'll have to look into the Binaural question, but people report that the AS decoder on the Sirius is as good as the Proteus. It should decode brightness levels as well.


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    I'd be interested to knOw the answer to these questions as well!

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