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    Over the last little while I've been doing a lot of reading and have arrived at the conclusion that it's very hard to know what to expect from AVS (audio visual stimulation) and how best to utilise it. The information available through cursory searches provides a lot of indications of areas of potential usefulness, however it is in the nature of marketing that many of the claims and their scientific basis are overstated. This does not, however, imply that the technology is not useful in any of the areas suggested, just that a little more thought needs to be applied to how it may best serve YOU. ...
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    In another post, a while back, I said that I had failed to note anything significant about any particular frequency, mentioning the generally cited Schumann Resonance frequency of 7.83Hz specifically. My comment was that I found it undistinguishable from adjacent frequencies in the alpha band. I was wrong. Last night I ran a session that remained fixed on 7.83Hz, sound and light (red/green) for an extended period. ...
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