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DeepVision with Eyes Half Closed

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In many meditation practices it is common to keep the eyes half closed rather than fully closed. While it is possible to do this somewhat with regular closed eye Ganzframes with the DeepVision glasses this becomes a whole new experience.

Many of the super saturated colors mute down to very pleasing shades. Greens and blues are especially nice. Reds pop with full strength. In fact in the upper vision red is very prominent and carries strong patterns. While at the bottom of the vision you get nice calming hues.

An added benefit is that you can easily move between short bursts of full eyes open for the beauty, half closed for moving downward and visualizing, and finally fully closed eye. The eyes adjust more easily between these states when half closed is the midline. I think to some measure closed eye colors are even better as you have the chance to 'charge' them first.

I have measured strong alpha response in this state with my EEGs and theta is well within reach.

Those who are interested in 'projection' will find this to be a nice technique as well.

AVS is getting ready to undergo a nice evolution with this product and the amazing capabilities of SpectraStrobe.

Please share your experiences and enjoy!


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  1. Moonchild's Avatar
    Hi Scott,
    I agree that the option between eyes open / half open / closed is excellent for meditation. I find that I can totally become lost in the experience which is a sort of surrender. It can also help with people like me who tend towards sleep when meditating, much to my frustration. I now feel so much more in control as I can have a quick top up of the full vision to get me back on course and it is in no way jarring either.
    It allows me to have more choice as to what I want to achieve.
    I think it really has taken AVS to the next level.
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