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Playlists on Kasina

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You can group files that you want to play together into a folder on the Kasina. You can then play them one after to other automatically to create a playlist.

  1. On your computer create a new folder on the Kasina.
  2. You might want to rename the files to sort alphabetically. You can do this by numbering. 1 MyFirstFile, 2 MySecondFile... etc.
  3. Add the files that you would like to play together to the folder you created.
  4. To play them as a playlist on the Kasina, browse inside the folder on the Kasina interface and select the title that you would like to start from.
  5. Click the navigation wheel toward the right to start playback.
  6. After the first file finishes the next item in the folder will play automatically.

Note: if you have a countdown set, then it will countdown on the first item but not on the subsequent ones.

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Updated 12-19-2013 at 09:27 PM by neuroasis

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  1. Biodag's Avatar
    As to your number 2, the files will be sorted alphabetically automatically. Rather, to sort them in some other order, number the files.
  2. neuroasis's Avatar
    Right, that is what I mean by 1 MyFirstFile, 2 MyFirstFile... you might even be better off to use 01 MyFirstFile, 02 MyFirstFile..... 10 MyFirstFile.

    Thanks for helping me clarify it.

  3. Biodag's Avatar
    Thanks for a helpful blog. The idea of a playlist is very useful. Isn’t the basic idea that in any folder, if you begin a session by pushing the center button Kasina will play that session and stop, but if you begin a session by pushing the navigation wheel toward the right, it will play that session, then the next, and the next until it reaches the end of the folder? Peace, Biodag
  4. neuroasis's Avatar
    Yes, Biodag, that is it exactly. You said it with much fewer words too!
  5. enriquegmi's Avatar
    Thanks You . I love my Kasina and the tecnical support .
  6. mystereon's Avatar
    Thanks for this! I learn something new every day!