• Using micro-SD cards larger than 32gb in the Kasina

    Micro-SD cards larger than 32gb will work on the Kasina, but not right away.

    The 64gb and future larger micro-SD cards, instead of having the SDHC designation of the 32gb and smaller cards, will have the SDXC designation. The SDXC cards are formatted using a different file system than the SDHC. The SDHC cards come formatted as FAT32 and the SDXC come formatted as exFAT. The details on those formats are not important, only that the Kasina supports only the FAT32 file format.
    So, to use one of the larger SDXC cards in the Kasina means that it will need to be reformatted from it's default exFAT format to FAT32.
    If you're using a modern version of Windows, there is no included FAT32 formatting utility that will format a volume above 32gb. There are a few different utilities that you can download that will do the job; one that we recommend is FAT32 Format by Ridgecrop Consultants.
    If you're using a Mac, you can format the disk using the Disk Utility program that comes with OSX. You'll "Erase" the disk and choose "FAT" in the formatting options.

    When using any of the formatting tools, you must of course be very careful and double-check that the "drive" that you're formatting is the micro-SD card and NOT the system drive or any other drive on your computer. I recommend regular backups of your computer to ensure an accidental re-format or other hard drive failure does not leave you without your data.
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