• MindPlace Kasina and Mind Workstation

    MindPlace Kasina and Mind Workstation

    How to use the MindPlace Kasina with Transparent's Mind Workstation

    Attach USB

    Plug a mini USB Cable into the USB Connector on your Kasina and attach the other end to a free USB port on your computer.


    Mount Kasina by USB

    Click the navigation wheel until the USB icon on the menu of the Kasina is highlighted. Press the middle button to mount the Kasina on the computer.

    Kasina SD card Mounted

    The Kasina will load 2 devices on your computer. One is the SD card (if one is inserted). The factory default card will be named KASINA SD. You can find it under My Computer on Windows.

    Kasina USB Sound Device

    The Kasina will also become accessible as a standard USB audio device. Your computer should automatically install the needed driver. You can use the Kasina for the sound output of your computer in any software application or at the system level by selecting the Kasina AVS device for sound playback. This is showing the Windows 7 Hardware and Sound control panel.

    Launch Mind Workstation

    If MWS is not already open then launch from the Start menu or from your shortcuts. This shows the opening screen with version information. Note that any level of MWS supports SpectraStrobe altough this shows the Enterprise version.

    Check that you have the latest version of Mind Workstation

    The MindPlace Kasina and SpectraStrobe support in Mind Workstation is in active development as a relatively new feature. Make sure you have the latest version of Mind Workstation. By default, MWS checks for updates when it opens but you can also use the Help menu.

    Mind Workstaion Toolbar Icons

    2 new items should become available on your Mind Workstation toolbar.


    Play on Kasina in MWS

    'Play on Kasina' lets you play back your session directly to the Kasina without having to select it as the MWS audio device. You can play the session from your computer speakers by hitting the regular green play button or you can preview your session on the Kasina by hitting the 'Play on Kasina' button.

    Upload to Kasina in MWS

    'Upload to Kasina' is when you are finished with your session and wish to copy it to the Kasina SD card. Depending on the length and complexity of your session, this process will take a while to complete. MWS compiles and outputs your session as an mp3 file then through the USB connection copies it to the Kasina.
    Note: Copying directly to Kasina SD by a microSD card reader transfers much faster than over USB.

    Kasina as MWS Audio Device

    You can also select the Kasina as the primary MWS audio device and then anytime you press the play button, playback will route through the Kasina. Your entry on the list may look different than the screenshot but the important part is that the item in the list contains 'Kasina AVS Audio'.

    AudioStrobe on Kasina

    If you wish to use AudioStrobe from MWS on the Kasina, you will still want to run the AudioStrobe Configuration tool. This sets the AudioStrobe signal levels.
    When using SpectraStrobe you need no further configuration as the levels are set by the signal.

    AudioStrobe Preference in MWS

    You can also configure AudioStrobe in the Program Settings under AudioStrobe options.

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