• Schumann Resonance Revisited

    In another post, a while back, I said that I had failed to note anything significant about any particular frequency, mentioning the generally cited Schumann Resonance frequency of 7.83Hz specifically. My comment was that I found it undistinguishable from adjacent frequencies in the alpha band. I was wrong. Last night I ran a session that remained fixed on 7.83Hz, sound and light (red/green) for an extended period.
    Intent was meditative. Meditation is a concept I struggle with. A common statement of the goal of meditation is 'to completely clear the mnd'. It would appear that my ego has had a problem with that. I have argued that a mind unoccupied with something would be unconscious. I was wrong. After a period of considerable effort to divorce my perception from my eyes, ears and body, and to perceive 'within my skull' without judgement or question, I briefly glimpsed through a doorway I had thought to be a myth. So shocking was the experience that my mind promptly grabbed it and started analysing it, and the spell was broken. What I feel I perceived is my brain's perception of sense data without naming or opinion imposed. Vision was no longer forward facing, auditory perception was no longer attributed to the ears. Why, given my initial scepticism did I decide to do a Schumann session? I had a thought as to why it might be significant - I gave the concept 'intellectual credibility' which lowered my resistance to achieving a result. The idea that I had is that if the Schumann Frequencies truly represent the ambient electrical environment in which we live, then bringing the brain into this state will establish an equilibrium between the electrical potential within and without the skull, eliminating spurious neuron triggering. This gives two reasons why previous experiments with 7.83Hz have been uninspiring. First, I have resisted it through scepticism. Second, as the frequency is an average, atmospherics on any given day, in any given location, may result in a different local ambient frequency, so on any given day a slightly different frequency may lead to equilibrium. Today I feel calm and confident, and as though the universe has shared something rather special. Pure conjecture and the account of a strange experience I may never be able to repeat and which may be entirely meaningless. Comments and discussion please! Cheers, Craig
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