• How Our Mind Works

    • 95% of our brain is run by the subconscious (s/c) which operates like a computer program and does exactly what it's programmed to do. Some of these programs came with our body. Programs such as running the circulatory system, digestive system, biochemistry etc. These programs are set to operate at their default settings (the programs we inherit from our parent's chromosomes, DNA, or while in the uterus). These programs are not always perfect and sometimes something happens during production (of our body) and we are born with some deficiencies ? which we can correct or learn to compensate for.
    • The s/c does not think, or reason on it's own (but it does process and store information). It does not have an opinion or emotion (though it uses emotion). The conscious mind does. It is the job of the conscious mind to protect the s/c from false impressions. It doesn't always do a great job, especially if the conscious mind has on a negative filter. The s/c mind is like a computer, ready for programming.
    • Even If you give the s/c the wrong information, it will accept it as true. It will sift through your memories, other beliefs, experiences and knowledge for supporting evidence and then create a belief. The problem is that memory is notoriously inaccurate and perspective clouds knowledge. Information can get distorted according to perspective and because perspective is so bendable, it's easy to find supporting evidence for anything.
    • The mind likes complete information and will fill in what's missing to make sense of information.
    • Perspective is controlled by the conscious mind. We can choose how we want to interpret something and what ever we tell ourselves the meaning is, the s/c records it as fact.
    • Problems in our programs happen because our conscious mind is not always right and false information gets fed into our s/c. We can make changes and repairs to the s/c programs. It begins with recognizing that errors do occur in the programs and working to make changes.
    • How do you know if there is an error in one of your programs? If there is something stopping you from achieving a happy and joyous life. If you do not feel at peace with yourself and others. If you have problems in many of your relationships. If how you are acting, responding, thinking or behaving is not getting you the results you want, then there is likely to be a glitch (a thought virus) in one of your programs.
    • The s/c does not use words, it may use bodily sensations, symptoms or body language to let us know about our out-of-date processes. Remember that it has control over our biochemistry and can therefore invoke emotions (as a tool) to get what it wants, which is bio-balance. The language of the s/c mind is pictures, feelings, metaphors, symbolism and symptoms.
    • The s/c is programmed for survival. It gathers all information relating to our experiences and computes it to create a system that will protect us in the future. Problems begin when methods of protection are not regularly updated to include the abilities we learn as we grow.
    • Sometimes the s/c gets confused about what is required for survival because of what we tell it and associations we make to unhealthy things under the guise of "need". This is how addictions occur. We install a belief that we need that substance or else we can't cope (and our s/c then runs the if we can't cope then we will not survive, so better make sure the person takes the substance).
    • It is the emotion stored in the s/c that causes problems, emotion that is unresolved and is still active although out of date. Learning about these emotions, and freeing them from their time warp, is an integral part of hypnotherapy.
    • The s/c can not comprehend negative attitudes. It does not understand "not" so it will not process it. In order to not do something, the mind has to do it first in order to know what it is not to do.
    • Parental influences are a main factor in causing our initial belief systems. We can maintain those belief systems or change them.
    • Relationship difficulties, panic attacks, blushing, bowel problems, public speaking and performance anxiety all focus on the need for control.
    • Whatever you pay attention to, you always find more.
    • A suggestion cannot impose itself on the s/c mind against the will of the conscious mind. Your conscious mind has the power to reject the suggestion.

    Hypnotic Language by John Burton, EdD & Bob G. Bodenhamer, DMin
    The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy PhD
    Understanding Hypnosis by Dr. Brian Roet
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