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  1. Podcast: Brain Science

    I like listening to podcasts during my occasional long drives, fitting a bit of learning into an otherwise fairly boring experience. And one of my favorites is the Brain Science Podcast, hosted by Ginger Campbell, M.D. She's covered a wide gamut of topics related to neurophysiology over the 73 episodes released so far. Most of these are in the form of extended interviews with researcher and academic scientists, some of whom discuss recent books they've authored.

    Just a few examples ...
  2. Dreaming, Dementia and Hallucinations

    In dreams, our mind pulls information from a variety of sources - what someone said the other day, a segment from a TV show or movie, past experience, something we read and so forth. In our dream, this all seems to flow and make sense. Yet when we awaken, as real as the dream seemed at the time – we know it was only a dream.

    How do we know what is real?

    My mother had a stroke, and often when we hear or think about stokes, we think about the type which leaves ...

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  3. Home Base

    As a further step in introductory material I have uploaded a few pictures of my current home studio.

    Detail pictures are available in an album on my profile.

    These should give everyone an idea of the tools I am working with and may discuss at some point or another. Feel free to inquire about any of ...
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  4. You've Got to Start Somewhere

    The first post of a blog is always the hardest. You want to grab your reader's attention, make them want to put aside all the distractions in their busy lives and peruse your every keystroke. You set a theme and a tone. You make promises for future wonders that will pop from the font of wisdom. You have tweaked your layout and template, picked the perfect domain name, maybe signed up to affiliate programs and ad networks, made empty (but soon to be bustling) categories, found some notable blogroll ...
    Human Interest
  5. Remembering Tom Budzynski

    When Tom passed away recently, I lost an old friend and mentor.

    Tom was a true pioneer in the fields of biofeedback and light and sound, as well as an inventor. Trained originally as an electrical engineer, he worked on such projects as the SR-71 spy plane, before returning to college for his PhD in psychology. His dissertation was about the use of electromyographic (EMG) biofeedback to control frontalis (forehead) muscles?useful for reducing tension and headaches. He opened ...

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