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  1. TomC's Avatar
    Very nice review but I think that the light patterns shown are a little over-stated. Either that, or maybe I need some of what Carrie is taking. Just kidding, lol!
  2. Carie373's Avatar
    Hi Esthy, I've just re-uploaded it :-) Try this link:

    Carrie :-)
  3. Thalassa's Avatar
    Hi Robert tryed to watch the video on youtube but says This is a private video
    Cheers Esthy
  4. Carie373's Avatar
  5. synaesthesia's Avatar
    It is interesting how clinical researcher Rick Strassmann's hypothetical ( perhaps in a moment of McKenna-esque mischief ) that the Pineal Gland may contain DMT that is released during dreaming or death , has become fact through constant retelling .

    I nice little piece of TV to bring the concept of Mind Machines to the masses !

  6. Robert Austin's Avatar
    Li ion batteries typically can be run through 500 charge/discharge cycles before dropping to 80% capacity, and can run through many more cycles while remaining useable. A new Kasina should provide roughly 10 hours of normal use per charge (30 average sessions), or 5,000 hours (15,000 sessions) before the need for replacement starts to even become an issue.

    We plan to offer a modestly priced battery replacement service for out of warranty Kasinas, as well as a simple DIY kit for those so inclined. This would not void the warranty, since MindPlace would fix/replace it for free ourselves during the 2 year warranty period. :-)
  7. doglover61's Avatar
    How do you replace the rechargeable battery in the kasina when it goes bad?
  8. Robert Austin's Avatar
    That's a good idea! Fortunately our German dealer has such a video up--check this out:

    It connects to Kasina using a standard 4 conductor cable (included). We are investigating what would be required to have Kasina drive 2 of them for left/right control... basically, the LEDs in the right side of the Kasina GanzFrames are in opposite polarity to the left. Our Dutch distributor developed the power supply and has sold several systems to spas in Holland...
  9. Psymatic's Avatar
    This invention is awesome! It be great to see a video of it in action.
    Will this work with spectrastrobe mode on the kasina? Also can you hook up two of these to get a left and right alternating patern session to work? How does this connect to the kasina?
  10. Robert Austin's Avatar
    Hi, Matt--wow, that was a lot of work on your part! I think you'll like the quality of the Korean adapter, and your Procyon won't have any problem powering two sets of glasses and headphones, as the transistors on the output stages provide robust current limiting and drive. My adapter took about ten days to arrive, so just a bit of delayed gratification is involved.

    Thank you for choosing the Procyon!

    Regards, Robert
  11. MattM's Avatar
    thanks Robert. that is great news. I tried building my own adapter using a daisy chain of 1x4 pin plug to 2x3 pin socket and then splitting those 2 sockets into 4x 3 pin using headphone splitters. and into those headphone splitters 4x end sockets using 2 sets of 2x 3 pin plug to 4 pin trrs socket adapters. all super expensive at $8+s/h from startech per set.
    it worked only if I had one set of glasses connected at a time. in either of the two 4 pin sockets at the very end of my pyramid daisy chain contruction. as soon as I connected 2 sets of goggles the led lights went out on one of the glasses (both procyon 3 color glasses). using either usb or battery power on my procyon. I will try this korea plug model. ordering now. I thought it is the supplied power not being enough to power the double amount of LEDs. as we talked about indirectly via Regina though your ebay account some months ago.
  12. Feebo's Avatar
    Yep, and then it works a treat I was really pleased to see my new phone was upto the task as it's quite a bit less bulky than my laptop! lol
  13. neuroasis's Avatar
    These are mp3 audio files so you cannot transfer them directly to the Procyon. You play them with either a digital media device like a mp3 player or smartphone, or you play them on your computer. You hook up an audio cable from the player device to the AUX jack on the Procyon. These files have an AudioStrobe signal in them, so you would want to select the AS mode on the Procyon (press middle button 5 times)
  14. danlights's Avatar
    how do you transfer these audio files onto your procyon?
  15. Feebo's Avatar
    That seems to be what I've already got here, np3 ? Odd... I have a trial that then wants ?60 ($80) For the full software. Can't stretch to that at the moment, all my very little money is going into getting the workshop off the ground.... There's still the original free one though I suppose, that's capable isn't it Just a little baffling but I'll learn it I'm sure
  16. Feebo's Avatar
    Ooh that sounds promising I'll search it and see what I can find
  17. Marisa's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Feebo
    Just had a look at it and it does look like a good program to have, it's just a shame it costs more than I can afford to pay I don't even want to start using the trial version, I might like it ! lol Bummer.
    Wait, don't bum out yet. They have a more affordable version that is pretty powerful - Neuro Programmer 3 and that is pretty affordable. MWS is incredible in that it can do so much but the NP3 is a really good program on its own to create AS sessions.

  18. Marisa's Avatar
    Well done Scott! You also have a great voice for hypnotherapy.
  19. Feebo's Avatar
    Just had a look at it and it does look like a good program to have, it's just a shame it costs more than I can afford to pay I don't even want to start using the trial version, I might like it ! lol Bummer.
  20. Feebo's Avatar
    Oh cool thanks I'll do that! I was having a bit of a push button look around last night on the programer and I did start to remember little bits from when I first started trying to familiarise myself with it all. It's all quite exciting really because this will tie in with my music making software I've been learning for the past few months The two will come together to make a very enjoyable few hours here and there I'm really into my very unusual music aswell so the two should come together nicely....
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