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  1. Session Types on the MindPlace Kasina

    Session types on the Kasina:

    SpectraStrobe audio

    SpectraStrobe is an advanced embedded light control signal. It is similar to AudioStrobe but much more flexible because it can control all 3 of the LED lights and the dynamic range (least brightness to highest brightness) is not affected by the volume of the audio on the player.

    SpectraStrobe is put into audio: music, soundscapes, nature sounds, or more traditional entrainment type sessions. It controls the ...
  2. Kasina Editor Screenshots

    Here are screenshots of the free included editor. This is the Mac version.

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  3. Kasina - Promo Pictures

  4. Procyon Review Videos

  5. Synchromuse Session for Sleep Induction

    Hello all,
    In response to a request from Ryan I have created a 60 minute sleep induction session using MindWorkstation Enterprise from Transparent Corp. I have added a Synchromuse program as well for Procyon users. For Sirius or Proteus there is a standard AudioStrobe track in the audio. The file is 103Mb because it is a 60 min high bitrate mp3. There is a zip archive that contains the audio and the Procyon session files. Load the session file to your Procyon and put it into dL2 or dAS mode ...

    Updated 01-19-2015 at 11:28 PM by neuroasis (Addded Soundccloud file and session archive)

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  6. Free AudioStrobe Tracks for Your Enjoyment

    Hello all!
    It's time to break out of the laboratory and release some of the last few months work out into the wild!

    We have created a MindPlace SoundCloud account and will periodically be adding content for you. Currently, I have programmed 4 tracks using a new and advanced form of AudioStrobe encoding that I have been perfecting. We are calling this process SpectraSync. The end results provide light shows far beyond anything that has come before. The leds are being controlled ...
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  7. AVS Journal Issues

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    All issues of the AVS Journal are now available for free online at this link:

    This is an excellent resource for those interested in AVS technology.

    The old site for the magazine now redirects to

    Updated 06-03-2011 at 02:10 AM by neuroasis

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  8. Entrainment Ecosystems

    I live in a wooded area near a lake and with wide open spaces compared to most suburbanites.

    To give you an idea of my surroundings, last evening I went outside to sit in my favorite nighttime spot on the deck and as I was getting ready to slip down into my rickety wicker chair the security light clicked on and tucked behind the woven legs was a 3 foot garter snake nearly camouflaged in the darkened wood. No doubt he was looking for a place to dry off after all the storms we have been ...
  9. Visualizing Procyon Settings

    In my quest to master programming on the Procyon I have found it necessary to create tools to assist in intelligent design. To this end I have been developing a spreadsheet that graphs the waveforms that are created by the various options available in the Editor. This is a preview release for the purpose of trial and feedback.

    At this time, it only visualizes the Sine waveform. Triangle is very close to this. Square is in development but the Duty Cycle is proving to be a challenge. ...

    Updated 05-25-2011 at 08:07 PM by neuroasis

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  10. Home Base

    As a further step in introductory material I have uploaded a few pictures of my current home studio.

    Detail pictures are available in an album on my profile.

    These should give everyone an idea of the tools I am working with and may discuss at some point or another. Feel free to inquire about any of ...
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