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    Among the products listed on the site, which one is the best?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oohyeah KL
    Seems like the files are no longer available. Any chance of getting them uploaded again please? Thanks!


    Thank you for letting us know.
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    Seems like the files are no longer available. Any chance of getting them uploaded again please? Thanks!

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    Just so everyone is aware, the instructions for the Audacity plug-ins are now out-of-date and don't work on the latest versions of Audacity. I've added an issue to Github with the updated instructions here
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    How does Jordan Mailata want to transition from Australian football to the National Football League?

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    Style basically no Tremendously Run

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    adidas Should Debut all the NMD R1 Primeknit STLT For “Triple Black”

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    Ground color choice directed across! Sesame color choice Yeezy Elevate 350 V2 would be for sale for June

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    Anyone had any luck finding the SS Ref Autopan plugin that's used in the tutorial?
    See thread here.
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    The L&S centipede
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    I bought 2 sets of LED strips from MindPlace, 2 goggles, and two 3 way TRRS splitters from Amazon. Now I can demo the Kasina to 3 people together simultaneously. Important, as I've just become an Approved Affiliate. I also like the fact I'm less likely to go to sleep and roll over breaking the stock Ganz frames. Goggles with foam edging and painted lenses also cut down on ambient light; no need to have a darkened room.

    Additional Construction Notes:
    * I used a hot glue gun to affix the LED strips; quick & easy. If you don't trust yourself to correct positioning using this rapidly drying glue, I suppose you could use double sided sticky foam tape.
    * Since the cord is weakly soldered to the LED strip, I made a loop UP from the strip, and then exited DOWN through the foam gap at bottom left side of the goggles. I used a tab of the super strong "Gorilla" brand duct tape to hold the cord firmly in place. This gives a bit of slop to the cord should it get yanked.

    This project was easy, quick and cost less than 2 pair of GanzGlasses.

    Thankx Scott!!!
  12. Moonchild's Avatar
    Hi Scott,
    I agree that the option between eyes open / half open / closed is excellent for meditation. I find that I can totally become lost in the experience which is a sort of surrender. It can also help with people like me who tend towards sleep when meditating, much to my frustration. I now feel so much more in control as I can have a quick top up of the full vision to get me back on course and it is in no way jarring either.
    It allows me to have more choice as to what I want to achieve.
    I think it really has taken AVS to the next level.
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    There is a good unity course on udemy, fwiw...I have enrolled but haven't started it. And looking at those ipego options, I like this one as it supports android and iOS.
  14. Robert Austin's Avatar
    Well done, Scott! Strips are $15 each, and includes the cable. Both Procyon and Kasina versions are available, but please use with any enquiries.

  15. neuroasis's Avatar
    I did have my eyes open throughout the first session. In the second session I was using the DV glasses but I had my eyes closed after about the middle of the ramp down at the start (not shown). The strength of the flicker in closed eyes on the DV glasses is not as bright as the regular 'closed eye' Ganzframes, but still quite sufficient. I have especially learned to appreciate the pure white that these deliver.
  16. Robert Austin's Avatar
    Interesting results, Scott--especially with FP1/FP2, which normally show some of the smallest EEG effects from flicker stimulation. Did you have your eyes open for the entire session in both cases? 18 Hz appeared stronger and a good illustration of how flicker activates frequencies near the stimulation frequency.
  17. neuroasis's Avatar
    The material for the second part was later incorporated more clearly in the manual as a chart. On page 29 here.

    What do you mean by difference? Like does one color have more of an effect than another?
  18. Kamran's Avatar
    Interesting read Neuroasis. Thank you for writing this. Did you write part II as well?

    I wonder what difference does it make if I select one colorset over the other in my Kasina... can you shed some light on that too?
  19. mystereon's Avatar
    Thanks for this! I learn something new every day!
  20. neuroasis's Avatar
    This is excellent information. I appreciate your expertise in this area. It appears that the current rumor mill says that the commercial Rift likely won't be released even this year. There must be some major technology upgrades just around the corner that have not reached the mainstream yet to be affordable enough for mass production.

    Always for me in cases like this, it is not 'if' but 'when'. When should I invest the money and time?

    I notice that Unity is coming forward in a big way and with 6 opened up much more on the free level.
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