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  1. DIY GanzGoggles

    Here is a set of DIY GanzGoggles made from the Kasina light strips. We are offering these light strips for sale for Kasina and Procyon. Contact for details.

    It is a very easy build and the strip fits perfectly. You get the added benefit of an adjustable strap and foam padding around the eyes. They are very comfortable. There are air holes on each side too.

    These are the googles from Amazon The Arc One company has several ...

    Updated 10-06-2015 at 06:25 AM by neuroasis (Updated orders email address)

  2. DeepVision with Eyes Half Closed

    In many meditation practices it is common to keep the eyes half closed rather than fully closed. While it is possible to do this somewhat with regular closed eye Ganzframes with the DeepVision glasses this becomes a whole new experience.

    Many of the super saturated colors mute down to very pleasing shades. Greens and blues are especially nice. Reds pop with full strength. In fact in the upper vision red is very prominent and carries strong patterns. While at the bottom of the vision ...